Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 23″ Monitor

Today we take a look at the new Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 23″ inch monitor.  On top of its pleasing good looks this monitor will reduce it’s foot print on your desktop as well as the environment.  Thanks in part to its finger thin  profile of just 16.5 mm, the PX2370 is pure elegance.

Environment wise,  the PX2370 monitor  is engineered with the ecologically responsible homeowner in mind.  The PX2370 reduces power consumption by 40%  making it much more efficient than conventional monitors.

When it comes to performance the PX 2370 has an LCD-LED backlight produces mega dynamic contrast ratio of 5000000 : 1 for unprecedented detail.

Included is a fast 2 ms response and 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution yield the sharpest images, and perfect for gaming.  Another advantage is  it has a  100%  RGB colour standard reproduction.  Displaying  colour  the way its meant to be displayed.

When it comes to features the SyncMaster PX2370 has some unique abilities.

MagicAngle Technology:

Samsung’s MagicAngle uses 5-step angle management to deliver crisp images and bold colour from every direction.  So whether your view is from above, below or from the side,  the images stay the same.

Magic Eco:

Magic Eco makes saving energy easy.  It adjusts the monitor’s brightness based on how much energy you want to save. You have four energy saving options to choose from:  100%, 75%, and 50% power consumption as well as ‘power saving off’.   If Magic Eco is turned off, you still enjoy the option of using Samsung’s Magic Bright feature,  engineered to let you manually adjust the screen’s brightness.

Magic Return:

With Samsung’s Magic Return you never have to worry about your second monitor losing content.  If the cable disconnects and the signal disappears, Magic Return automatically transfers the content from that screen to the other monitor before turning off.

When it comes down to it,  the Samsung SyncMaster Px2370 offers fantastic looks with plenty of features.  Producing great HD and color reproduction,  your games and  movies will come to life.   For the environmentally conscious,  the PX2370  will help curb your Eco foot print too.


-Sleek looks

-Low Power Consumption

Magic AngleTechnology

-Magic Eco

– Magic Return


-No rotation,  no height adjustment and pivot function

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