Samsung ST5500 Digital WiFi Camera

Today we take a look at a new innovative digital camera from Samsung,  the ST5500 Digital Wifi Camera.  This camera touts 14.2 megapixels, a 7x optical zoom, and as the name suggests this camera if WiFi enabled.   Allowing you to easily transfer photos to a computer without the need to connect the camera to a computer.

The ST5500 comes with a AC adapter/USB cable,  Rechargeable Battery,  Strap,  Quick Start Manual,   CDROM,  Cradle ,  and a Touch Pen.

The ST5500 is part of Samsung’s line of Compact ‘point and shoot’ series. Sporting top features like a Schneider KREUZNACH Lens,  HD video recording,  a large 3.7″ AMOLED touch screen display,  Bluetooth 2.0,  and Wifi of course.

The ST5500 is available in Black, Grey, and Orange.

Above we can see the large 3.7″ 1152 K pixel screen.  This touch screen features Samsungs unique Haptic technology in which the camera responds with a slight vibration and beep upon selecting an option.

The unit is easy to navigate and very intuitive.

More Features:

Dual Image Stabilization:

The Dual Image Stabilization combines both optical and digital Image stabilizers to capture sharp and clear, blur-free shots without using a flash or tripod. The Optical stabilization  compensates for shaky hands by shifting the lens. The Digital Stabilization automatically takes over to ensure blur-free images.

Smart Gesture UI:

This camera has a built-in acceleration sensor that turns your gestures into commands.  Just tilt it to one side or the other to scroll through your photos without even pressing a button!  Dont like how a photo came out?  Just draw an X on the screen or rotate it and its deleted.

HD Movie Recording with HDMI Anynet+ (CEC):

The ST5500 has the cabability to record movies in HD at 720p resolution and at 30 fps. The latest H.264 compression format enable more then 3x the recording time compared to the previous format; surpassing the capabilities of a digital camcorder and delivers a much higher video and sound quality.

The Samsung ST5500 Digital Wifi Camera is a feature rich device that will allow you to easily take  high quality photos without any worry of blurred images.  It’s internet and Bluetooth capabilities make it a must for any would be photographer who wants to easily share their pictures with world.


-Slick looking design

-Wifi and Bluetooth

-Dual image stabilization

-HD Movie Recording

-Large Touch Screen with Gestures


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