How to: Make A Home Made Wi-Fi Antenna

Many of you have probably already seen this on The Screensavers, but we wanted to test this out for ourselves.
The whole concept came from this website here:

The idea is to boost the output from your wireless access point. The design is based on a Deep Dish Cylindrical Parabolic.

This is what you’ll need: some construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, aluminum foil and the antenna template. You can get the template¬†HERE.

Now the template was a bit big for my needs so i resized the two pictures down to 75 % in paintshop and then printed them out.

First i trimmed off the excess paper of the template to fit the construction paper i happened to have. I then glued the template on to the construction paper using the glue stick. This is to give the antenna some strength.

Using the scissors i cut out the template now stuck to the construction paper and followed the pattern’s lines that needed to be cut.

Next i cut the six slits out of the rectangle piece and the glued the aluminum foil onto it. After gluing and wrapping the rectangle part in foil, i used the slits i cut before to cut through the aluminum.

Next up is to bend the other part nearly in half and slide the tabs into the slots on the rectangle piece. I stapled the tabs down for good measure.

And finally you have your antenna! Wow that thing is sure butt ugly, but it didn’t cost me more that 10 cents to make.

I placed the antenna on the wifi antenna as shown in the picture and then set off to test it.

I used net stumbler to record the results. First with the home made antenna (left) and then without (right).

Low and behold the damn thing works! Now it’s not a big gain, but it might be good enough to reach that particular spot in your home you couldn’t get any wifi access. Before buying a store bought antenna try this and see if it works for you first, besides it’ll only cost you a dime.